Well, I had something I was going to post. And it was brillant – true genius. And then I went and forgot it. So instead, here I am, nothing to write! So be prepared for randomness and simple stuff about life.

I caught a glimpse of spring a while back – fleeting but refreshing. So long as it doesn’t snow again. If it snows again, I will not be happy. Oooh… I’m tempted to hit the “Publish Immediately” button on the side. Focus, Sarah. You’re not done yet. You will write a blog post like the other blog-obsessed ppl out there, simply because you decided to get a blog to play with colors and now you should write on it.

Okay, hmmm, what else… Nothing else I can think of at the moment. I’ll probably write again in another couple months, once I feel like it. See ya then!