I visit this site often and sometimes even click “New Post”. But I find this has the curious effect to suck my brain of, well, anything, and I usually end up going and doing something else, say reading something someone else happily wrote for me to read. My posts have been getting more and more scattered since I started. Like forcing myself to write in my diary daily, only I can’t write things I write in my diary. I should think up deep theological thoughts instead of revealing the going-ons of my personal life.

Ha! I found the writing purpose for this entry – to write about not writing. How odd! =) And now I’m out of inspiration again…

Ah! I know! I just wrote a short… not quite a story, more like a clip or excerpt, although it’s not an excerpt of anything. But here it is. I’ll put it in and be satisfied with this post.

Fidus rolled the slim scroll up, a smile on his face. He was very pleased with himself. It was finally accomplished. He straightened his green vest and leaned out the window to whistle for a bluejay.

There was a knock on the door and Gamsy stepped. He caught sight of the scroll and bounced on his tiny shoes.

You’ve finished it, then?”

Fidus sat in his plumb armchair and set his quill back in the ink, having forgotten it in his excitement. “Yes, it’s over and done with. Now it’s up to the rest.”

Gamsy beamed. “They can do it, Fidus.”

Fidus nodded, feeling satisfied. A bluejay fluttered to the windowsill and stood there, waiting. Fidus handed it the scroll.

In the Bubbleyew Marsh, to Evon.” He gave the instructions and the bird was gone on the autumn breeze. Fidus gazed after it for a moment and than leaped to his feet.

Come, Gamsy,” he said as he grabbed his cloak. “We can’t let them have all the fun. Saddle the lynxes and we’ll be off.”