How often I tell God how important He is to my life, how I would be nothing without Him. And today I found scientific evidence! The First Law of Thermodynamics says energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. Everything you do is because you gained energy from something else. I’m giving energy to these keys and the air as I type, and I received that energy from the food I ate (black bean soup & hot coco!) at lunch. The food contained energy from the sun – the bean plants and… coco plants? They absorbed energy from the sun. The sun has energy from nuclear reactions in its core.

So you can keep going, shrinking it down and finding ‘the source of all energy’ – of all life! When God spoke, creating everything through His Word, He began this process of energy that goes on continually around us, in us, through us. He is the source of everything. Pretty awesome, huh? Yep. =)