Papers, puppies, paying for (everything and anything), papayas… Okay, I just added the last, but the point is life’s pretty crazy right now! But that’s just part of why I was writing.

Rural Ministry Camp (21 students heading to eastern Washington to ‘jumpstart’ a town’s youth group – leading the drama, worship, games, and talks by themselves!), we’re leaving on Saturday. Saturday! Yikes, that’s close! I guess jitters are just expected. How can it be that it’s so easy to sit here, basking in God’s love and faithful friendship, yet so hard to share it with a starving world? “The fields are white in the world” – “they are ripe for harvest”. The gospel (good news!) is what they need to hear. Being God’s messenger is a privilege. He will do great things through the one who says “Here am I, Lord, send me!” So is a little hesitancy okay? Was Moses ever nervous? Or Elijah?

I mostly just need to remind myself why I’m going. I knew in the beginning, but what with drama practice, figuring out my testimony, and worrying, it was just pushed out of my mind.

So I just wanted to write this down. Because I know God, the Life-Changer, will do great things through us. I know we will harvest and we will sow. I know our lives will be changed this experience, also. So I wanted to let you know before hand so you could know – I was nervous, I was unsure if I would be able to find the right words to share my Savior – so the fact that lives were changed is a miracle, credited to God!

p.s. If anyone ever happens to read this before Saturday, we will be gone April 4th-9th. Keep us in your prayers – this is not something that only our church is doing, this is something the Church is doing! We are all God’s people! =) Thanks.