Every so often I grow comfortable with God and think of Him as a stuffed animal – something familiar, something I can wrap my arms around. When that happens He usually reminds me of something or teaches me something new that blows my mind away and drops me to my knees. Like we’re reminded in Narnia, “He’s not a tame lion”!
Forever is a long time. A LONG time. It never ends. We’re going to spend forever with God, and the neat thing is we’re never going to get bored. Because He’s God. My conversation w/ God on this subject goes a bit like this:
Me: Uh… God, I hate to say it, but I really can’t imagine being occupied & happy for forever. Or even three hundred years, for that matter. I get bored just over summer break!
God: (laughs fondly at me) Don’t worry about it. I’m God! I never run out of new ideas. Making the Earth out of nothing is not even the smallest fraction of what I can do.
Me: But, God… forever?
My point here is not believing God is able to “keep us happy” worshiping Him & spending time with Him forever – it’s doubting His very nature. God is unlimited. God is amazing!