Hello blog-

I had a marvelous day yesterday – before it was even 7:30! I think that’s why I always hear to “tune your instruments before the concert”. How can one begin the day grouchy or with unneccesary concerns if they have spent time in God’s healing presence? I was reading “My Utmost for his Highest”, a very popular book (and for good reason!) by Oswald Chambers. It’s amazing how much even a moment of being quiet before the Lord can renew your spirit.

No, I don’t usually wake that early! There was three reasons…to bake cinnamon rolls (yummy!), to spend time with the Lord (further on…) and to work on my book. By work I mean to “meditate” on it, to mull it over in my mind. “My book” is too large a name for it as it’s only been in my mind besides a few jotted notes here and there. Musing on a friend’s advice (unwittingly given to me) to surrender it all to the Lord, I had an interesting conversation.

As if He said “You thought you had Me & you all figured out – where we stand, what you way, what I would respond! Think again!” I would find myself, after asking Him to reveal the way He wanted the plot, or the characters, “But Lord, how about I write it and You follow? After all, I’m the writer here and You’re just… God… oh.” Talk about stopping and listening to yourself and feeling foolish. =)

I feel as though I’m blindfolded, holding God’s hand. “Come, child, follow Me.”

“Um, God? It’s really dark in here. Like, really really.”

“The night shines like the day before Me, child. (Ps. 139:12) Just follow.”

As I set aside the devotion book yesterday morning I noticed a small inch worm on a book. It would rear its head, feeling anxiously in all directions before taking a quivering, tentative step, un-hunching itself, and beginning all over again. Even if the path was long and sure before it, it moved slowly, testing the path on every step.

Perhaps that’s a weird example! But that’s how I want to follow God! As I fell pulled by this idea “marinating” in my mind I want to take a small step and say – “Here, God? No, more to the right?” Another step – “Is this Your will? Am I still listening to Your voice? Am I still following in Your steps?”

This is easy to say – but so, so hard to do. When everything in me is saying it wants to be in control! Ditch God’s plan! I’ll blaze my own trail!

Yeah, but I know that the end result – if not completely disastrous, could never match up to the beautiful end result God has in store!