“God, give me an opportunity today to pour myself out for someone,” I prayed, then paused and thought of the last few coins jingling in my purse (yes, I’ve gotten down to counting the pennies!). What could I give to another person?! “Father, I don’t have much…” I paused again and looked around my bedroom – my soft bed, faithfully there every night, my dresser packed with clothes and overflowing to the floor, my family chattering below, cinnamon rolls and billions of other good foods awaiting my growling stomach!

I may not have much, but I have more than someone who sleeps on concrete night after night. Who wears their only clothes to threads. And goes hungry until nothing is left but an empty empty stomach draining away hope and life… But as for me, even if all is stripped away I still have Christ! (Phil. 4:11-13) And really… He is Everything.

So that’s all I can really share.. besides a smile. A kind word. I actually forgot about this and haven’t thought it about it while walking past hundreds of people at the fair. (but I did get to have a chat with a young girl on the “Graviton” ride – I think she was reassuring me because I looked so tense before we started =)

But the day’s not over. Yet.