Today was the beginning of Legacy and thus school! It was a joy to see friends and teachers again but even the thought of all the homework (all the work and thinking!) ahead gives me a headache! I have good classes this year… well, fairly good. Mediocre with a slight lean towards the greatly positive side. =) Now why did I think I was going to have all this free time??? But I’d still like to get a job… now I see that real life really is nothing like the life Hollywood portrays, where teens get a new, shiny car as a graduation present… find a job straight off and a good-looking spouse…. *sigh* it always turns out well for them. But I guess in a way it does for us too, as Christians with the awesome God as our Father.

Since I’m getting into some “spiritual discussions” here might as well put in this excerpt from a book I just finished today. It’s book 3 in the Caitlin series of “Diary of a Teenage Girl” by Melody Carlson. Best series she’s written! A lot of times I feel as though I’m reading something I could have written as Caitlin struggles through life, God, family & friends. Here it is-

“I guess the thing I’ve really learned is that I may never completely figure out who I am. And maybe that’s not so important…maybe what really matters is whose I am…

Life will probably always be a little confusing and unpredictable. And I suspect we’ll be constantly changing and growing and stuff. But God is constant. And if somehow I can always remember that I belong to Him, then I’m pretty sure everything else will just fall right into place.

…It doesn’t really matter so much who I am (like whether I become a writer or a missionary or a teacher or whatever…), but it really matters whose I am. I belong to God. And knowing that fills me with such a sense of peace. It’s like He’s the rudder on my boat, and when the waves start tossing me around, I know I can make it safely to the other side.

Because I’m His.”

Good note to end on. =)