Just reflecting lately on how (at an awesome youth gathering in Portland called Winter Youth) one speaker had talked about having fasting and feasting times. Sometimes we need to say “no” to food, material things, wordly pleasures… in order to ‘tune in’ to God all the more and to concentrate on Him above this world.

And sometimes we need to feast! To gather our friends around us and to say, “Let’s enjoy the blessings God has given us, thank you Father!!”. A lot of times we remember one and not the other… we’re either monks wearing clothes of camel hair or giddily enjoying the American life.

Which have you been doing lately? As you abandon His presence for the Xbox – or a slice of apple pie that’s just calling to you – do you feel a tug on your heart… reminding you of what’s more important? Or do you feel overwhelmed with daily responsibilities, piling higher and higher – have you forgotten to bask in the warmth of His love, to simply enjoy and say ‘thank you’?

Don’t forget… to feast and fast.