Waiting to be the next “Marian, the Librarian”! I have an interview tomorrow!! for the paid position of temporary page (until December). Unfortunately I got a cold… and I really don’t want to be sniffling and coughing during the interview. So I’m praying for some God-intervention here.

Speaking of which, He did a simple but amazing miracle just this month! Some friends were going to the fair and invited me (penniless me =)  but I explained I had no money, so they said they would just pay for my ticket. I’m in debt already, albeit to my dad, and really didn’t feel comfortable with them paying for me! So that night I read the verses in Philippians that say to worry about nothing but with prayer and thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And His peace, which surpasses understanding, will fill your hearts. So I made that the prayer of my heart that night and had a great night’s sleep. That morning as I was getting ready, right in front of my sat my shoe wallet, a little gizmo I had gotten as a gift but never used. I thought “wouldn’t it be funny if…” and opened it to find $10, the exact amount for a fair ticket! And, as it turned out, one of my friends had a half off coupon, so I had money for a Purple Cow. =) Isn’t God good? It boggles my mind how He loves us so much that He does little… and huge… things for us. He is a loving Father, and does He know how to give gifts!

So anyway, that’s my prayer for tomorrow. That God will give me peace, no matter what happens.