This past weekend I enjoyed a combination of “MissionsFest” and “CityServe”. So Friday we met with about 500 other youth for worship and a message from Steve Haas (high up there somewhere @ WorldVision). And then Sat. morning about 600 youth flooded the Seattle area, giving out meals, cleaning, weeding, painting, and much more. Our group went to a mobile home park to weed, rake, and wash windows. A lot of the people that live there are elderly and can’t do it themselves, then get frustrated looking out on the mess of weeds in their yard (I know I would!!) It was rather a simple thing… and there was so much work to do, we couldn’t finish! (they only have helpers come twice a year or so… which means either the owners get on their knees and painfully weed their small garden or we get to pull out waist-high dandelions)

But Friday night was awesome. I LOVE that feeling when so many people are gathered together to worship God and to feed on His word. You can feel His presence and His peace so strong…

I was also a volunteer usher at a Casting Crowns concert almost two weeks ago. It’s neat to stand in the aisles seeing everyone feel God’s love and love Him back, to just throw your head back and close your eyes and sing to your Maker.

It’s totally, totally awesome. One guy I know enjoys worshiping with his eyes closed, envisioning himself before the throne of God, with thousands upon millions of those the Lamb has purified with His blood. And one day we’ll be there!!!