While at the library a few weeks ago I was brainstorming on my Nanowrimo novel. The internet was going EXTREMELY slow, so I started playing around with Word. So here, faithful readers, is my jottings.

Managi clung to the root desperately, staring in disbelief at the swirling blue nothing below his foot. Without turning his head, without moving a muscle he snapped at his fellow hiker.

“Otawa, there’s no kiwi trees out here! And you never mentioned this cliff,” he continued complaining as he felt his large friend reach out and easily pull him back to the comfortingly solid ground.

He turned to find Otawa’s eyes as wide as saucers, staring at the vast dropoff before them. Managi allowed his tone to soften some. “You didn’t know this was here?” His heart was still pounding and he shoved his hands into his vest pockets with an irritated air to hide the shaking.

Otawa sturred, clearly at a loss for words.

Managi turned and studied the periwinkle fog. “Well then, it must be a new phenomenon, since you know every rock and bump in this region. Come on, we’ll just have to go back and forego kiwis this breakfast.”

He turned and took another step and let loose a high shriek. Otawa’s huge hand darted out and grabbed his friend’s collar, pulling him back onto their now circular tower in the middle of the etherly ocean.

Managi couldn’t hide his violent shaking now. “W-w-we’re surrounded.”

Otawa’s fear was erased as he chuckled at his friend’s obvious shock.

And here ends what I wrote! Perhaps I’ll add some more, so stay tuned. =)