Yes, it has now officially begun. NaNoWriMo is on – from here the word count needs to jump and jump and jump and…! Yesterday I had a severe case of procrastination – not helped by the fact of church in the morn, drama practice then lunch then a hike (for more than 2 hours – we almost got lost), dishes, animals, and Soulfire later on. So I had a chance to write a total of 412 words yesterday – most of which I know I won’t keep in the final drafting! I crossed out tons and restarted every paragraph about three times. But really really I AM shutting down my inner judge. I’m just working down to shutting it down all the way… it’ll take a while.

But for every certain word count I reach, such as 1000 or 5000, I’ve given myself a treat – like one of those Reese’s I gained during Hungerbusters, or an hour of computer time to play games.

Sigh…. all right, no more putting it off. Time to write on today’s! =) Nah, I really do feel excited about writing. I know it’s not my best work… but maybe I’ll actually finish a book this time!