So far I have exceeded 1,000 words every day. Yeah, yeah!
Yesterday it was a bit tough as I was feeling really tired. So I wrapped up in my blankets upstairs to get some rest. I had just managed to drift partially off to sleep (having succeeded in telling my brain to turn off for the time being) when Mom & Caleb got back home. Just a few door slams and hellos, right? Well, then Mom decided to clean out the stove down below. OooOoohh… such a racket! I finally just got up, having succeeded in having about 15 or 20 minutes of rest. Not feeling quite ready to return to ‘the novel’, I rewarded myself for reaching a word count with an hour of computer games (Age of Empires 3, if ya really really wanted to know). At the end I felt really refreshed. So.. tired, play the computer? =) No, not good advice. But it worked then.
Hmmm…I would put down a quote here or some lyrics but anything good escapes me at the moment.
Til later!