Ah, it warms my heart to see all the people stopping by my blog – even when I’m gone! =) It turns out that I had my laptop, but no internet. Ack! So I was unable to update all of you lovely people on my slow progress… but I was able to sort through millions of pictures of relatives when they were younger (and had hair!!) as well as pics of my mom – as well as spending some awesome quality time with my grandmother.

For the return trip home I took the train and spent the entire time with the notebook closed in my lap, soaking in the beautiful sights. Did you know that WA is extremely beautiful!?? Much more than a humming computer or the paint of your bedroom wall. And it smells better outside. So make it a point to step outside this week and inhale deeply. Especially if it happens to be snowing, as it did this morning here on the hill!

So yes, the novel is progressing but slower than I had thought it would at Nana’s. I am still maintaining an average of 1,000 a day (which means I currently have 13,000 – having been too busy to writ today). I will post some more updates – maybe I could even get a pic or two up of when everyone in my family was either extremely cute or youthful-looking. Til then, ttfn!