To accomplish the official NaNoWriMo goal, in the next week I would have to write as much as I’ve written in the last 23 days. (which isn’t going to happen) But I still have excedded my goal of 20,000. (which was 17,000 and started out in the very beginning as 15,000…) I’ve also written much more on ONE story than I’ve ever written before – which makes me very happy!

The words were flowing rather well today. At last count, I’ve called my main character a madman four times, thrown him down a flight of stairs, nearly sunburnt him to death in a desert, and (recently) had him whipped. I had mused I wanted to make my main characters ‘feel’ a bit more so they weren’t simply tripping through life happily, but I think this is a little extreme. =) No, not really. It makes sense for this main character’s situation.

Anyhow, I thought I would share with all of you another small excerpt from my novel. So enjoy, and God bless!

“Did you hear that?”

The gruff voice of a soldier echoed down the hallway.

“It’s just our minds playing trick from being down here too long, Samuel”. Another deeper voice responded. “None’s in this prison but the man Darius beat to death.”

A laugh. “An’ the dead can’t sing.”

The torchlight grew stronger. “But I could’ve sworn…”

A tall guard came around the corner, peering into the cells. He stopped when he came to Joash’s. “Issachar…” His voice wobbled and broke.

Joash blinked against the bright light as another guard came to stand by the first.

“By the beard of Rama…” The second guard breathed.

Joash shifted, starting to stand, and everything went black as the guards dropped their torches in their hurry to run.

He stared in the darkness. Dead?

“Elyon, what happened to me?” he whispered.