One of the themes that I notice in the Bible is “unconditional”. We are to have unconditional love – as well as unconditional faith, trust, hope, joy – the list goes on and on. For me this is one of the most difficult things to learn. Some circumstances make it so difficult to be joyful and some people (sometimes) are just sooo difficult to LOVE. Yet that’s what God calls us to do out of obedience to Him.

All of these things become simpler, somehow, at a summer camp or large gathering of Christians or anything similar. The presence of God at those events simply cannot be denied – it’s so powerful! The speaker at Awana camp this year said that when you go to a camp, etc., you’re saying “God come and get me!”. Two things follow – the first is that God DOES come and get you, and your life is changed! But the second is that Satan takes notice. The fire of your faith has been kindled into a blaze, and he cannot tolerate that.

Have you ever returned from a life-changing event to be overwhelmed with the monotony of daily life? It’s as if Satan has carved grooves into our life that we fall into, again and again, no matter what resolutions we make to do something different!

Everything you learned that impacted you so powerfully, the tears you shed, the joy that filled you… it fades into the past.


Whether God is “further than the moon or closer than your skin”*, you are called to believe.

I don’t know if You’re there, Father – but I still trust. You are still my hope. No matter what happens, I have given myself to You, and You I will follow, even when the darkness threatens to overwhelm.

Unconditional. God calls you to live unconditionally, in every aspect of obedience. Will you? All it takes is a choice. Write it down, speak it aloud, make a decision to love. To hope. To trust. To praise. To believe.


(p.s. – on the subject of revivals, the series by Bill Bright are excellent)

*Obsession, by David Crowder