I can’t believe it’s over… *typing forlornly while surrounded by empty kleenex boxes*. Now what do I do? More specifically – what do I do with this story! =) It’s not in a form I would want to give anyone, yet I’m not sure how to reshape it a bit into what I want it to say. Right now it looks pretty good to me! Maybe I’ll just wait until my interior critic kicks in – but there’s always the danger of deleting everything I wrote in the outrage of how awful it is. =)

But right now I am excited about my next book! My imagination was temporarily set on hold as I focused on word counts, and now that it’s set free to dream I am looking forward to seeing what it comes up with. =)

God has really been confirming that although I do not feel especially called to be a full-time writer, writing is one of the talents and passions He has given me. While talking to my mom and dad I thought how strange it is that they have never had a story that they wanted to write down. Never an idea popping up out of nowhere. Nada. I can’t imagine my life without that! As they say (well, really, as I say) you don’t fully know something until you know or see its absence. Looking at the absence of a passion for writing in others’ lives – because God has given them talents in other areas – solidifies my own passion.

Thankful for God’s blessing this past month and looking forward to the days to come!