The temperature has been hovering well below 30 lately – this morning it was in the teens. A large tub filled to the brim with rainwater sits in the pasture, so frozen you could ice skate on it! We are mainly untouched by the freezing cold indoors, our house kept (fairly) warm by our wood-burning stove. All of the wood-chopping my older brother has done through the summer is now paying off! Unfortunately our water system’s frozen right now… Upside? I don’t have to do the dishes! =D

With all of this cold my mind turns to the future. One year in the future, to be exact. I wonder how warm it will be in Missouri, where my college choice resides. It’s more south, but will probably not escape from the cold drafts and snow of winter!

This Christmas will probably be the last (for a while more, at least) when our whole family is together as well. My brother leaves end of January to start BASIC training in the army. I will (hopefully) be gone around July/August next year as well, starting to work hard to pay off my college room and board. There probably won’t be many presents under the tree – not nearly as many as in previous years. But I still hope our entire family cherishes this time together.

I hope your family has a marvelous Christmas as well. Cherish it, enjoy it, and display the love that you have towards one another.
=) Merry Christmas!