On a lighter note, here’s a draft from yesterday:

Another slow day at the library! Here, dear readers, is the continuation of our friend’s adventures.

Two silhouettes on a lone tower, Managi and Otawa stood side by side, staring out on the swirling blue.

“It’s so beautiful,” Otawa said, smiling happily.

Managi stomped his foot, irritated. “No, no, no! It’s not beautiful!” he shrieked, then rolled his eyes. “All right, maybe it is. But I did not come out here to admire blueish mist! I came to find kiwis for a delectable breakfast, and instead I end up stuck… with nowhere to go.”

Managi tiptoed carefully to the edge of their pillar, peering down at the edge. “No magical ladder or flying walrus, waiting to transport us away? What sort of supernatural tower is this?!” As he finished his disgusted rant something nudged his toe. He nearly toppled over the edge, but for Otawa grabbing the collar of his vest and gently setting him back on the groun.

A long, slender bridge swayed in an invisible breeze before them. It glittered as if spun from spider silk and stretched far into the distance before disappearing altogether into the ethereal mist.

Managi clung to his large friend. “O-O-Otawa, do you see that?”

Otawa nodded, his eyes huge. “It’s so beautiful…” he murmured. He took a step forward, onto the bridge and it swayed beneath his feet.

Managi shrieked. “Otawa! Get back here! We are not walking on that thing.”

Walking back, Otawa put his large hand on his friend’s shoulder and smiled. Then he picked him up and effortlessly set him onto his shoulders. Managi clung to Otawa’s head.

“O-O- Otawa – no!”

They started across the bridge.