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One night as I was trying to get to sleep a fragment from the song ‘All Who Are Thirsty’ kept playing over and over in my head.
It’s hard to find a meaning for ‘deep cries out to deep’ in McGee’s books or bible studies, but some meanings people have come up with are ‘the deepness of God calling to our souls’ or God rescuing us when we are overwhelmed with troubles.
But that night I was thinking about it as the ocean of God’s love, deeper than anything we could ever fathom. One thing about me – I am scared of deep water. I loathe to swim or be in water where I cannot touch bottom – I just don’t like it. The deep ocean especially sounds creepy to me – stretching down and down, all of those bug-eyed fish and creatures at the bottom. So for a moment I thought ‘An ocean of God’s love – that’s as wide and deep as eternity? Sounds kind of creepy!’
But no, the fathomless ocean of God’s is not something scary – if God’s love were an actual ocean, it would sparkle with sunlight as far down as you could see. Can you picture it? His love is something wondrous, something we should swim in every moment of our life. It’s something that never goes away – that ocean is always there – we simply have to choose daily to immerse ourselves in.
In the ocean of God’s love all doubts are stripped away – we remember that we are His children. All of our fears and worries are taken – we realize that because of His love we should leave everything in our lives up to Him. It makes us want to worship Him – for He is worthy. And it makes us want to go tell everyone about this ocean, this miraculous, endless ocean.