2 0 0 9

52 blog posts
52 diary entries
2 summer camps
1 ministry outing
1 surgery within the family
30,000 words written in November
…Several dozen job applications. Give or take
5 job interviews

Not tallied:
Fallen tears
Peals of laughter
Friends made
Silent prayers
New hopes
New dreams

As God walks with me each year, teaching me to give more and more of my life over to Him, I exalt in His faithfulness and love, which is my strength. I am filled with excitement as I look to the years ahead, knowing that God sees the whole… that He is the one that holds my life, and He is the one that loves me MORE than I can comprehend!
God has blessed me this year. He has blessed you too. He will continue to bless both of us in this year to come and forever.
All glory and honor be unto His name!