God has given me a contentment in the area of marriage. I don’t want to be married right now or soon, I don’t believe I’m ready. In the future? Only if God opens the door. It’s all in His hands.

If I do get married, however, I want my relationship to my husband to be strong. I want my love to be a verb, not just a word I say or write in a Valentine’s Day card. Here’s a list I began to make…

If I get married…

I want to know my husband’s phone number backwards and forwards

I want to have private jokes with him that we laugh at spontaneously

I want to have my eyes light up when he walks in the room, no matter if we’re celebrating our 5th or 50th anniversary

I want to have quiet evenings where perhaps we don’t say a word, but simply bask in the quiet… and peace… and each other’s presence

I want to be able to give my husband support and strength for what God calls him to do

I want to be able to give him sound, wise, godly, and encouraging advice

I want to find something every Christmas that will make his face just beam with joy

I want to spontaneously give him foot rubs when he comes home tired and down

I want to be a servant – and to be able to think more highly of him than me, and to put his interests above my own

I want to worship and seek God with him

I want to experience all of my “firsts” with him – first house, first child, first grey hair, first grandchild… and so, so much more.

I may never get married. Or it may be 10, 20 years from now! I have no idea. But for now… I want to show God’s love to those around me. My family, my friends. I want to seize the lessons God is giving me on how to love as He loves – so if He brings the right man along I’ll be ready to put into action my commitment.