Please watch this movie. We recently watched it in youth group. Yes, this guy is scary looking! But his testimony is amazing.

We were also talking about the man that had the courage to share the verse… several times God has asked me to share something with another person or to pray with them, etc. Sometimes I obeyed, sometimes I reasoned myself out of it and let the moment pass. Every time I was afraid.

Some things in life startle us into silence or stillness because we are unsure what to do, because we did not previously consider what our answer would be. But we need to make the choice now instead of in the moment. To stay pure until marriage. To make our small hands and feet, though they tremble, to move as the Spirit whispers. To put on a spirit of boldness and courage, though we want to stay within our shell of timidity.

Okay, all that to say… watch this video! =)