I was browsing through the teen section at the library just yesterday and was disgusted at how many useless, dull, meaningless books there are. (we call them twaddle in my family 🙂 ) It feels like settling for the cheaper product when you know it won’t be as good as a name brand.

One song I’ve only heard in worship a handful of times, but that has stuck in my head for years, talks about “staying empty”.

And I will stay empty,
I will keep waiting;
I will stay empty
Until You fill me up and I
I will stay empty,
I will keep waiting,
Until You fill me up with You.

So many times in this life I feel like I shovel in my mouth the enticing trash the world offers. God longs to fill me up with Him, but He comes along and I’m chewing on twaddle. I’ve filled my stomach with vapors that will not satisfy, that are here today and gone tomorrow. I’ve settled for less than God. He pours down His love, His truth, and it will not fit inside me. There is no room for anything but the meaningless trash.

Where our heart is, there our treasure will be also. How we spend our time reveals what we hold dear. Set aside whatever is keeping your mind busy – it may not be a bad thing in and of itself! But really, when you’re standing before God – what will matter more, that you beat that really hard computer game or that you choose to hang out with your Best Friend?

Spend time with Your Maker and Redeemer.

Guess what?

He wants to spend time with You.