My God is a consuming fire. He is not gentle, but He refines until He can see His reflection in me.

He places within each us a Fire that will not go out. May I be consumed with a fiery passion for my God and for His people, lost and found.

– – – – – –

My God is rain. He comes when there are no clouds, and He drenches. He pours until I run over. He is a deep ocean that beckons.

– – – – – –

My God is soft and still, a gentle breeze that tickles my ear that I must be still inside to listen to. He is a quiet voice that will not abandon in time of trouble.

My God is a hurricane! Mighty and strong, He thunders from heaven with a loud, piercing voice that sees all I’ve done but still speaks. He sweeps me off my feet and roars. He’s not a tame lion.

– – – – – –

My God is a strong rock. He is the only ground that does not move or tremble; when all else crashes away and disintegrates, my God is dependable. Yes, but He will shake if I am asleep or if my feet are frozen to the ground.

My God is all, He sustains all and all gives Him glory.