when god’s your friend, it’s kinda like waking up in the morning and smelling coffee and bacon frying, and you remember there’s no school.

it’s kinda like when it’s 100 degrees outside and your dad says “hey let’s go to wild waves until we can’t possibly get any more wet then lie under a tree on the grass with our eyes closed.”

it’s kinda like when you come home from a long day and are super tired and all you can think of is bed but you have chores – then you find out someone else did them for you.

it’s kinda like when you’re crying, and strong arms come around you and hug you, and you know you’ll be okay.

discovering god is kinda like you were a car trying to run on kool-aid this whole time and getting nowhere, and suddenly someone says “hey, try gasoline.” and the roads of the world are open before you.

it’s kinda like being an eagle but thinking you’re a chicken and then finding out the truth.

it’s kinda like sitting a wheelchair your whole life, then finding out your legs work again.

it’s kinda like when you have nothing to do, and your friend suddenly calls and asks if you want to hang out.

it’s kinda like being able to see color.

it’s kinda like hearing off-key music your whole life, then listening to the purest notes ever – a gasp like jumping into a lake.

knowing god is kinda like drinking a good gulp of water when you’re so thirsty you can think of nothing else, and feeling it run down your throat.

it’s kinda like holding a cup of tea when the day is gray, and feeling the steam on your face.

it’s kinda like laughing until tears stream down your face.

it’s kinda like standing in a rainstorm and seeing a rainbow.

it’s kinda like hiking two hundred miles with a heavy pack on your back, without stopping, and someone stops and asks, “can i carry that for you?”

it’s kinda like…… but it’s not. it’s even better.