Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. 🙂 Community college has started now – I am officially a working college student! Which makes me feel very mature and gives me a great excuse for getting out of the dishes at home. 😉

On top of college I’m also working part time at Subway and practicing for my driving test in 2 weeks. Two family birthdays are coming up, not to mention that month that has recently taken on new meaning for me… November. Yep, that’s right! NaNoWriMo is here again! I’m already dwelling on my story plot so much it’s in my dreams. (Which I think is pretty ironic because there were November 2009 nights I prayed for a dream about my story, anything new to keep it moving)

Two of my friends (that won NaNo last year – of which I am so jealous but also so proud of them!) are going for NaNo again this year, as well as a friend I met in English class. We’ve formed an informal support group and decided to shoot for half the word count – 25,000 words. Less than a thousand a day, what could be easier? Mmm… yeah. 🙂 Right now I wake before 7, drive an hour, have three hours of class, drive another hour, and usually work about five hours at Subway before finally coming home. Do you see any time for writing in that schedule? Oh, yes, the driving… that’s true….

Anyhow my life is so crazy right now. My body’s begging me to let it go to sleep right now, but an English paper (at least a rough draft) is due Friday.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to December. Christmas, school break, snow, and a chance to hang out with friends. 🙂 Sounds so good….

What are you looking forward to? And what are you grateful for now? I’m thank God for my job, especially when I see how many applications come in… this job is truly a blessing from Him.