Wow, I can scarcely believe it’s almost November. The sixth week of classes ended today, leaving only five more in the quarter. This whole year has flown by so fast… But I’ll leave musings along that line for December.

My Nano novel outline is progressing only a tad bit faster than a snail. Fortunately minus the slimy trail. I’m bent on making this novel a bit more complicated so I won’t run out of steam at 30K like last time. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen, though, but whether or not your story will keep going is something you don’t know until you’re at least 2 weeks in…

On a side note (have you noticed my posts are getting more and more devoid of spiritual revelations and mainly just concern daily life now? This must be the pit daily bloggers fall into. They start out with something brilliant to say and continue along that line for about a year, than gradually decline into uninteresting things to share about their everyday lives that they somehow feel they have to share with the world). Again, on a side note I’m working at Subway this weekend. I was rather bummed because there goes another weekend, flying out the window like your pet canary, but on the upside it’s Halloween and I get to give candy to the little kids and dress up. =D Plus a chance to see one of my writer friends who is also doing Nanowrimo!!!

I thank God so much for the summer I had. I didn’t do a lot of exciting things, but I got to spend a lot of time with my friends. Namely the friends I don’t get to see now that college and work has taken over my life. Looking back I treasure those moments we spend together so much! I thank God SOOOO much for the friends He’s given me, I truly have been blessed til my cup has run over!

Are you doing Nanowrimo? Have you been blessed? Please share. =)