Well the halfway mark to Nanowrimo was yesterday, so the goal to be completed (yesterday) was 25,000. I’m a bit behind due to a choice I made last Thursday to play a long game with friends… and being unable to catch up since then. So today I reached 25,000. Wow! Last year I reached 28,000 for the whole month. And right now there’s still a lot more to my story that’s waiting to be told, so I’m very excited. 😀

I decided since I’m getting so far in my story, I should have an idea of what the plot is. So I’m going to try to pin down a story synopsis for you, so you have an idea of what I’m writing. Here it is (and btw sounds cooler if it is not summarized in a couple hundred words 🙂 ):

Kiara has lived on the steepes with her grand-da her whole life, and longs to see the mountains and faraway city of Hulan. When she gets an offer from her grand-da’s old friend to travel with him and some men to the city, she seizes the chance, but quickly begins to realize she knows nothing of the outside world.

Danger is brewing against her nation, and when she finds herself in the thick of battle, a mistake she makes costs someone his life. Trying to escape from her failures, she finds herself captured by the enemy and must use all of her wits to look past her shortcomings and save the lives of her new friends – and her people.

Annnnd that’s all folks! 😀 Well there’s also a handsome guy… and a traitor… and a very twisted bad guy. Overall I’m pretty excited cause the story’s tolerable to me so far, and I’m looking forward to reading it once it’s all done.

Halfway mark has been passed – going to try to catch up now and *crosses fingers* hoping to reach the 50K this year!