Drawing near to the finish line now, only nine more days! I can’t believe how much I’ve written, yet there’s still a lot more to the story before it’s finished.

My word count is currently at about 32,500 – and I haven’t written any for today so far, so I’m a day and a half behind. =S Finding time to write will be rather difficult, as these last days are also the last days of school, and I’ll be taking my driver’s test on the 30th. Why must it never rain but pour?

Speaking of the weather it SNOWED today!! It was so beautiful, but I still can’t believe it’s winter. I suppose it’s because I’m getting so old 😉 that everything is just feeling like a cycle. Winter was just here, how can it be here again? Ah, years are just traveling faster and faster.

But I am super excited for the holidays! Although Caleb will be in Korea 😦 we will be sending him a package with a lot of fun things *rubs hands in glee*. This will be the first Christmas we’ll be missing a member of our family… there will definitely be sorrow beneath our happiness.

But I hope the month of December does not get flooded with busy-ness, and that there will be time to relax. And enjoy some free time, before the winter quarter starts. *Sigh* Who came up with this idea of quarters and papers and exams for school anyway? 🙂

Enjoy this week – and Thanksgiving!