So my life’s been slightly crazy lately. My tests come in waves, and last week was one of those weeks where I had an exam in every class. Now that that’s over, finals are about 10 days away, extra credit’s due… not to mention I still haven’t decided on what classes (online) I’m taking next quarter, let alone signed up for them and paid!

So when a good friend invited me yesterday to a free showing of “To Save A Life” at a college that night, I was hesitant. But I had heard good things about the movie, and I hadn’t seen friends besides my carpooling buddies (which I love dearly!) in a long time. So I went. And I’m really glad.

For one thing, the movie was amazing. Really. If you have not seen it, I highly – strongly – recommend it.  So many Christian movies have the tendency of sugarcoating life, or presenting the highlights of a walk with God, without showing the “valleys of death” Christians walk through too. The beauty of this movie is that it sugarcoats nothing.  Suicide, cutting, abortion, hypocritical Christians, divorce, drugs, sex – all of these issues are in the film. The whole time I was watching this movie, I felt like there was a magnet on the ceiling and my hands were metal. I wanted to throw my hands up and worship God. There was a pretty good showing, and I loved to hear the laughter during the funny parts. The audience was clearly enjoying the movie as much as I was – because I think a lot of people there were Christians, and seeing this story of faith in the main character’s life, Jake, filled them with joy. Seeing someone discover the life there is in God, in a life following Him, is better than any high you could get from drugs. Way better. (not that I know from experience but still…)

Anyhow, all that to say I recommend the movie, and please see it if you haven’t. 🙂

So on the ride home from seeing this amazing movie (after the film a girl also  shared her testimony – which was amazing to listen to. Truly amazing. Okay I just used the word “amazing” three times in this paragraph, time to pull out the thesaurus… 😉 ), my friend and I were talking about the movie, and about how we’ve let our time with God dwindle down to non-existent lately… so I mentioned how, inspired by the Lent season (more about that later), I had been planning to go through a 40-day devotional book and focus more on God. I’ve been neglecting my relationship with Him, and filling my mouth with things of the world. I feel dirty, not necessarily because I am shoveling in bad things, but because I am ignoring God and the tug on my heart.

So my friend suggested we take 40 days and focus on God together – act as accountability partners. The idea was perfect for where we are and how we had felt our hearts stir that night. So when we got home we actually drew up a paper (yes, we’re so official!! :P) and signed it, saying that for the next 40 days (until April 20th) we would abstain from movies, Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, and pleasure books.

We’re calling this time “Rediscover”, from the song by Starfield. My friend and I will be blogging frequently to let you know how it’s going. Make sure to check out her blog too, as I’m sure God’s going to teach us different things during this time!

And, of course, I encourage you to join us! Whether you feel you should give up the same things, or whether there’s other things in your life you feel are draining your time… time that God desires as jealously as a lover… well, consider it. Post a comment if you decide to “rediscover” God these next 40 days. 🙂 You won’t regret it!

God bless.