I would give up my sight forever if I could look on Your face…

for but a moment

I would give up my hands forever if I could feel Your hand grasp mine…

for but a moment

I would give up my hearing forever if I could hear Your voice. Or Your laugh. Or Your singing…

for but a moment

If seeing Your pure glory means I must perish, I would do so willingly.

I would gladly never walk again if I could take one walk with You, in Your presence, as Adam and Eve did in the garden.

To live in darkness after seeing Your light would be unbearable – I would rather die and cease to exist than to bear the torment of separation from You.

I have felt Your joy.

I have felt Your love.

I have hungered for You and been satisfied.

I have been empty and been filled by You.

I have been broken by You.

I have been awed by You.

I have lived my life and will live the rest of my life with one hope, and one joy – that You live in me, and that one day I will live with You.

I can’t live without You, God. Thank You that before I knew there was a separation between us, You had filled it. Thank You that before I was aware that it was Your love that fills my emptiness, You had prepared the way to pour it into my heart. Thank You that when I fail, You are able.

Lord, You’re beautiful.