As my friend wonderfully put into words on her blog, we’ve paused on this fasting journey… banged our dented armor back into shape… refocused our eyes on God and seeking Him… formed a battle plan… and most importantly, prayed together for each other, for God’s strength and Spirit for these next few days.

Refocusing certainly makes a world of difference.

With fasting, the biggest thing I do… is fail. Whether it’s from food or media. I usually fail to set strict enough guidelines, or leave a few exceptions that are like little holes that I play with and widen until I’ve allowed in so many “but…”s and “it’ll be okay”s that I’m not fasting anymore. I HATE that. I hate the feeling of failure.

So having that time of (mentally) holding hands with my friend, stilling our hearts, and “re”ing everything (reminding ourselves what and why we’re doing, rededicating ourselves to God and His plan for us during these 40 days, refreshing our hearts in the process)… was so helpful…

Really it would just be pride to think we could make it 40 days without a “refresher”. We’re not that strong. And the point is not for us to be strong enough. Not at all!

Well I’m going to have to cut this short. 🙂 I have a few more topics I’ve been marinating on for blog posts… hopefully I can put them into words this week.

God bless.