In church today, the speaker talked about working at a dude ranch for a summer, when he was 19 years old and a brand-new Christian. He drove to the ranch with a Bible on the passenger seat of his trunk, but found himself pummeled by the enemy and unable to withstand the attack. At one moment, he said God actually put a physical pain in his chest to get his attention, and spoke to him, saying, “Leave. Let’s get out of here. Come away with me.”

This guy chose to ignore that call, though, because the things of the world he was experiencing were, at that moment, more attractive than what God offered. When his time at the ranch ended, he drove home weeping. The choices he made had left him empty…

I don’t want to head off to Mount Rainier with the naivety that I can stand strong on my own. I need time with God, and I need fellowship with believers.

I’ve downloaded some sermons to listen to while I’m gone, but I want to be edified by the church. I want to hear from you guys. So I wanted to make a list of people that agree to email me a couple times while I’m gone, and get enough people that I can get a couple emails a week.

Not to be a limitation, but ideas for the emails:

  • What you’ve been reading in your Bible, and hearing/learning from God.
  • The highlights and lowlights of your week.
  • And – most importantly – a prayer for me. Not to sound selfish… but really it is out of selfish desires that I ask for this. 🙂 This summer I’m going to be far from everything I’ve lived with thus far. I’m going to be encountering things and lifestyles I’ve never encountered before. And I don’t want to be overcome and give in to this world – and go home weeping – but I want to live in Christ’s strength and through Him be an overcomer. I want to demonstrate Christ to those I meet. So please, a prayer for me.

🙂 So if this is tugging on your heart and you’d like to be part of my “edifying group” while I’m away, let me know. I ask this because I know it would be prideful to depend on just myself.