I have another reason for being excited to travel to Mount Rainier and get settled – I won’t have to worry any more about all this packing!! I’m surprised my head hasn’t exploded yet from holding a million things to remember and do this past week, two weeks. The list is slowly parring down, but still… I have only 12 more hours to get everything I’ll live with for 4 months folded and packed into my trunk…

But once I’m on the mountain, my worries will be so much less. At least, I hope.

I have so many more posts I want to do before I leave home. But I just don’t have the time. 😦 Once I”m settled and figure out the wi-fi (which I hope truly does exist) I will be posting and uploading pictures like crazy. 🙂 Count on it.

Sorry for the scattered-ness of this post, just wanted to let you know I’m not dead, just riding this crazy river of time and headed for a rapids and about to go oveeeeeerrrr… to a calm, smooth stretch. 🙂 Hopefully!


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