After a lot of indecision, I went to Staples and bought a camera (a Sony). Annnd then went back and returned it for another (Canon A3300). 🙂 I think I’m going to stick with my second.

This will give me the chance to take pictures like crazy on the mountain – and share them with y’all! I posted some pictures below. These were taken with the Sony while I was trying it out.

A little ways down our road, this is the view towards Mount Rainier. You can see it when it's sunny and clear, but it wasn't clear enough this day.

This is the biggest mountains look from where I live. =) Pretty, no?

And these are my new Tevas I bought, ha ha. (hey, I was testing this camera out, so I took pictures of everything 🙂 ) I've wanted a pair for a long time and I'm looking forward to wearing this pair out. In case my legs are blinding you, I must explain I do leave near Seattle. ;D

It’ll take 3 hours (not counting traffic) to drive to Mount Rainier tomorrow, so we’re leaving early tomorrow – probably be on the road around 7. The family is escorting me. 🙂

I actually haven’t been running around like crazy (that much) today. It’s not so much getting everything together now, more like making sure I don’t forget anything. So I just sit around and wait for the “Oh yeah!” moments to hit me. 🙂 No, not really! I’ve just resigned myself to the inevitable that I will forget at least one thing. But as long as I have my toothbrush, I’m all right. At least according to parent’s directions when you head off to sleepovers. 🙂

But really, I must get back to packing. Next time I post will be on the mountain. 😀 Yippee!