Well after driving from Monroe to Ashford to Paradise, then back to Ashford, then back to Paradise, I am finally settled in my dorm and on schedule to start work tomorrow! Smile We left home about 10am and got to Paradise 1pm – but as we didn’t stop by the Ashford office to fill out papers and the girl at the front desk didn’t know we could do the paperwork at Paradise Inn… back down to Ashford we went.

The people down there were so nice, they said it was their fault we took an unnecessary trip back down, so after I’dFirst day! 016 finished filling out the paperwork, and we drove back to Paradise and unloaded my things, they treated us to dinner in their fancy dining room!

Mmm boy that food was tasty. Shepherd’s pie, prime rib, meatloaf, key lime pie, chocolate cake… yeah if you could see it (should have taken pictures! Smile After all, travel: take pictures of what you eat!) you would be drooling. They were so wonderfully kind to give us that free meal. I didn’t even eat dessert – I was so stuffed. It was delish.

Moving on from the food… I was switched from working in the café at Paradise Inn to the café in the Jackson Visitor Center, which is only a stone’s throw away. I saw it briefly and it looked nice – reminded me some of Subway except they serve a greater variety of food. I’ll start work there tomorrow – I’m excited! Smile 

Here’s pictures of my dorm:

First day! 023

I don’t have a roommate yet – she’ll probably come in couple days, a week. It’s very slow here right now, not that many visitors. But it’ll pick up in June. Ooh yes, it’s going to get busy!

First day! 024

My closet. See my trunk on the bottom? It didn’t fit under a bed, which is a bummer! But fortunately it fits in here. I would have sent it home with the family, but you can lock the trunk, so I’m going to leave my laptop in it when I’m out. I do NOT want to lose any valuables.

First day! 025

There’s a sink in the room! Okay so it’s not a full bathroom, but hey, I get to brush my teeth in my room!! How cool is that!

First day! 026

And… the drawers. Just to complete the room. I get half, obviously, and my clothes fit. Smile Ha ha, so that means I didn’t take too much! Besides that the trunk doesn’t fit beneath the bed, I think I was fine in what I brought. I wish I had brought hangers, though, didn’t think of that…

First day! 027

Look, there’s a tree in my room! It would be cooler if it were alive, tis true, but still. Smile These lodges and buildings are amazingly beautiful outside and in – some of the walls of the offices in the upstairs Paradise Inn have trees right in the middle – the wall’s built around the tree. Smile Oh, by the way, I named this tree Solomon.

First day! 030

Solomon has beautiful bug trails on him – or whatever these were made by/are called. Smile Cool, no?

First day! 032

The view from my window. Yes, seriously.

First day! 036

Annnd this is below my window. The window is an old fashioned pull-up-the-shutter. I’m pretty sure I could jump onto the snow below, it’s so close to the window. Buuut I’m thinking that wouldn’t be a good idea as the telephone wires are also nearly as high as the window! Smile

First day! 039

I’ll continue to post more, believe me. Everything I experience, I try to remember so I can come back and write about it.

Right now however, the internet is not working. Confused smile So I’m just writing to… nobody. The connection between us is severed, ahh!! Smile But I’m sure the wi-fi will be back on. Obviously you’ll know, because, well, you’ll be reading this post!

It’s not quite 9 o’clock but I’m going to retire. A lot more “figuring out” everything tomorrow. The employee dining room (NOT the dining room we ate at for dinner, don’t I wish! Smile) is open til 9am, so can’t sleep in too late tomorrow morn.