This morning I woke up to grey skies and snow – you couldn’t see the mountains at all. But later on – wow, there they were! Smile

I think to know a place – it’s like knowing a person – you have to see it in all of its moods. In the early morning light, in the hot noon sun, in the cool, summer afternoon, in the shadows of twilight, in the pitch black of night, and in the moving, streaming light during a rainstorm. Then you know it. Then you can call it home.

So today I woke up to see the room’s morning mood. I conquered more unknowns – the showers and the Employee Dining Room (as I ate dinner with my family last night). Their breakfast was… not amazing. The eggs did not taste like eggs. And they had no orange juice. Sad smile But that evening the dinner was delicious, so that’s all right.

I worked 11:30-6:30 today, in the café, and discovered that employees (those that work in the café and visitor center) can eat anything from the café. Pizza, soup, daily hot foods, drinks, desserts, etc. in coolers. Yep, yummy! Except strangely the veggie platters are off limits – the only thing off limits. I guess they’re expensive…? I found I wasn’t that hungry though – probably going to be similar to when I started working at Subway. I had no appetite whatsoever for about 2 weeks. Probably just smelling and handling the food all the time.

My fellow employees were wonderfully helpful and kind. I have so many names in my head now, it’s a good thing everyone has name tags. Jennifer, Matt, Brian, Noel, Hannah, Nathan… I’m trying to remember it all.

dayonjob 016

Here’s my uniform. I’m not wearing the hat because… the hat’s terrible Smile with tongue out. Unfortunately it’s required.

dayonjob 012

Annnd my name tag. Spiffy, eh?

And I got back from dinner to find my roommate has arrived! Smile Her name’s Katie and she’s really nice – worked for about 4 years at other parks, so she’s got experience. Smile

Sadly the wi-fi is still not up, so I’m still talking to empty air. I heard it’s connected to a problem with the phone company… which I hope will be fixed… so I can work on my online class and send you guys these masterpiece blog posts. Winking smile

That’s all folks!