The people here are so nice! Smile I brought a bedside lamp and the first day I turned it on, the lightbulb blew out. One time when I had a lunch break, I was sitting next to a maintenance guy, and I mentioned that I needed a lightbulb.

But I didn’t think anything of that afterwards and asked the housing manager, Matt, for a lightbulb.

So last night me and my roomie were engrossed in our laptops, and someone knocked on the door. It was Matt, and he handed me a lightbulb. Yeah! I can use my reading lamp now! No more than half an hour later, there was another knock and there was my boss, Mary. She was holding two lightbulbs and handed them to me, saying, “The maintenance guy just wanted to let you know that he didn’t forget.”


What could I do? I took one of the lightbulbs and thanked her, than closed the door and looked back at my roommate, laughing, “I asked too many people for lightbulbs!”

I’m just writing this because I thought it was funny, and because I’m so grateful for people’s kindness. Smile