I think the word for how I’m enjoying this place is “glorying”. When I hike, when I work, when I meet new people and when I wake up and look at the mountains (or fog! 😉 ) every morning, I glory in it. I guess “revel” would be another word. 🙂

I’ve met so many people, and am constantly amazed at how they love to talk and share and are so friendly. And there are people here from all over!

Plus there are Christians everywhere. 🙂 There’s two people that arrived the same day I did, that worked with ministries in the park and will be doing some kind of services here in June. There’s a guy from Philadelphia in the kitchen, who goes by “Philly” cause his real name is too long. He became a Christian after he got shot in a gang war in his home city. There’s a guy that drives the shuttle that was also involved in the ministries in the park. He whistles hymns as he drives. There’s another guy working in the kitchens. Yesterday I forgot my keys and went downstairs to the rec room, and after a few hellos he asked, “Are you a Christian?” He prayed for me – a girl came down while we were holding hands, ha ha. She was kinda freaked out. XD I love how God connects people, how the Holy Spirit instantly gives you something in common and how you can share about personal things in your life and pray for others. If they know Jesus, there is a connection that is weird to others and wonderful and hard to explain. 🙂 Love it!

I loved hiking and getting wet and feeling my body get stronger. I love working and cleaning and talking to people and pushing the mop and joking with my co-workers and having employees here know me and talk to me.

I love having spare minutes here and there – not enough to do something, but enough to sit and read Lewis or Miller or the Bible. I love it when my room’s empty, and playing worship music and singing and signing to it.

I love it all. I revel in it. I glory in it. I love living, but even more than that I love living with and for God. He gives me joy, and I am so thankful that He continually gives me life, life abundant and overflowing.

Thank you, my Lord.