"You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of the dust..."

I believe heaven’s real. And I believe I’m going there when I die. So I’ve been keeping a mental list of things I want to see/ask in heaven… My lastest is that I want to see what the world looked like right after God created it. After He had placed man on it, and before we had bulldozed away entire hills or changed beautiful places – before we had done so much “civilizing”.

Yesterday at church Vince read Genesis chapter 1, and I realized I also want to see what it looked like when God created the earth… when He spoke the words, did everything spring into being in an instant? Did plants come up slowly, and unfurl across the fertile earth like a carpet? Did it take the whole day for Him to create each thing (not because He couldn’t have done it in a blink of an eye, but because He went slow and relished creating?) What did it look like when Heseparated the light from the dark? When He separated water from water, a great expanse between the two?

What did it look like when He created man? Did He have dirt under His fingernails? How did He do it? What did His face look like as He fashioned the intricate body of a human, then with His divine breath gave Adam a soul – special because God decided we would be special, and set apart from the animals because God set us apart.

Another question I have about heaven is, when we sing, will we all have wonderful voices, or will we have the same voices we had on earth, and won’t care what others sound like?

Some people have said that the questions we have here on earth won’t matter in heaven, and we won’t care anymore about asking them because we’ll be living in perfection and in the presence of a perfect God. Or that when we get there, we’ll know all the answers immediately.

Until I’m there I won’t know the truth, but I like to think we will still have the questions, and that God will sit down with us and listen as we ask, and spend long times talking to us and telling us the answers.

This one day – when I was having a terrible time, and You weren’t there – were You?

And He’ll tell us how He was there, and little things He had done to comfort us at that time. He’ll sit and chat with us for a long time (because after all, we have eternity, and I don’t think God will ever be in a hurry), and laugh, and teach us, and we’ll both rejoice that our relationship that was broken on earth, weighed down by our curse even after salvation, is now completely whole and wonderful.

The magic of the Bible, to me, is that everything in there is true. From God creating the world, to David ducking Saul’s spear, to Peter stepping out of the boat, to Paul sitting against the wall of a prison cell as he  writes letters. Every person in the Bible had a face, and a voice, and a certain laugh, and foods they loved, and an entire life full of memories. In heaven I want to see the faces with the names. Not only for those in the Bible, but for everyone through history that I’ve read about… And I don’t think I won’t care anymore about not seeing these people and things in heaven. I think God will sit down with me, and anjoy showing me and spending time with me.

I can’t wait. 🙂