So I’m late blogging about it, but this Monday I had a day off… and I opted for staying around Paradise and working on school… doing laundry, all that great stuff. When my roommate got back from work, she said, “hey, let’s go somewhere!” And since I had been sitting around all day, “sure, why not!” 🙂

So we took the 5:30 shuttle down to Ashford and got dropped off in town by Ed, one of the shuttle drivers. He said he’d be back at 8:30 to pick us up, so we had 2 hours to explore the town.

We probably could have seen all of Ashford in ten minutes, but we took it slow… first trying out the small climbing wall in front of the mountainering building, then found a swing, then walked to the gas station (you’re probably starting to get an idea of how small Ashford is now…), then played at the playground for a while (good playground!), before buying several things at the general store and getting ice cream at a restaurant. All of these buildings were on one road, no more than half a mile from each other. 🙂 Gas station, restaurant, general store… pretty much sums up all there is to see in Ashford.

While we were walking back from the playground on a trail, my roommate Katie stopped and poked something on the ground. “What is this??”

And yes, my dear folk, it was a slug. My roommate had never seen a slug before.

We started looking around and without going more than a few feet found quite few slugs and snails – Katie was so fascinated it was amazing. XD She had never seen slugs or snails before… we almost took a snail home but didn’t.


As a Washingtonian I wasn’t quite as impressed… slugs are my mom’s mortal enemy, to be vanquished into a pile of slime by a heap of salt. Snails are cool, though. 🙂

Some flowers near the playground...

After our ice cream we walked out of the restaurant a few minutes before 8:30… and waited… and waited… and walked to the gas station… and decided Ed the shuttle man forgot about us. We were 2 miles away from the Ashford office where the shuttles leave, and the last shuttle to Paradise was leaving at 9:30. It was now about 8:45… so we power walked/jogged from the Ashford gas station to the office… and made it just in time!! 🙂 Twas funny though, as the two of us had just been talking about how we didn’t like to run… and that night it was run or sleep outside all night. 🙂

So all in all it was an eventful night that made up for my laziness the rest of the day. We were thankful to be back at Paradise that night, and now I have chocolates to eat every night when the craving hits. 🙂 Awesome.


The last paper of my last quarter of my first year of college is due this Sunday… so I’ll post again once that’s over and done with.