Not much to say about this hike – on Monday I was going to go to Comet Falls but that’ll have to wait ’til later in the year as there’s still too much snow. This hike is simple to find – at Longmire you walk through the employee housing area, walk across the bridge, and the hike heads up and off to your left. The trail goes up to Eagle Peak “Saddle”, where there’s supposedly a good view, but the trail is only snow-free for about the first 2 miles.
It seems rather silly to stop when the snow starts, as Camp Muir was entirely snow, but this snow is hard-packed, difficult & dangerous to walk on.
So I walked about 2 miles uphill, the way down went rather fast, of course. 🙂 I took my iPod with me for the first time on a hike and listened to Newsies, then a Duvall Church sermon. Worked marvelously. 🙂
And that was about it – a small, uneventful hike. Insert pictures, duh duh dun daaaahhh!