It’s after one in the morning, and I’m still not sleepy. 🙂 So here’s some of my thoughts:


A guy asked me recently if I thought it was scary that God knows everything… and really for me it’s not. Quite the opposite! I guess having grown up in a Christian family, I’m used to the idea that God knows my thoughts, everything about me that is hidden to the rest of the world… but really I’m more than used to it, I’m comforted by it.

Every person on this earth is so complex. You can live with someone since birth, for many years, and still be surprised by what they do. There are depths to each human being that are never fully uncovered or mined.

Parts of my inner self are exposed – through my blog, my diary, my writings, my interactions with friends, even my FB statuses. But those parts are only small parts of me. When I present my thoughts and myself to the outside world, I am restricted by language… but with God, He understands me completely. He knows the filth I think and do that no one else knows exists, yes, but He also knows… the times when I see something beautiful and no one else is around. The times my spirit is moved, and I’m alone. He sees “the depths of my hearts”, the dark places I don’t even know how to share with others.

He knows me better than I know myself.

And in the end, this comforts me. Because God knows me completely, but… He loves me boundlessly. His love for ME surpasses anything I could find on this world. Knowing everything, He is GOOD to me.
Wow, mind boggling, no?

I think it’s pretty much the most awesome thing in life. 🙂

Rest in the comfort of the thought that the One who knows you thoroughly, loves you strongly, and will carry the work within you through to completion.