I don’t think there’s been a day since coming here that I haven’t thought that. (I think there’s a movie back home I’ve been meaning to watch by that name…)

Far from giving me ideas for school and a career, my list of countries and things I want to see in this world is growing as I listen to stories upon stories from people who have been everywhere, worked everywhere, seen many crazy things. My wanderlust is growing and itching. 🙂

This week alone was fantabulous, consisting of a 14 mile hike on Monday (with Pride & Prejudice afterwards), trip to town and experiencing Sushi Land for the first time on Tuesday, …..work… for 3 days, and tomorrow a busy day at work, with the end reward being a ride home to enjoy the weekend (and a friend’s wedding!!!).

How fantastic is that??

Life is not completely wonderful, but sometimes it feels like it. And this is one of those times.

Stay tuned for another blog post.