Ah, the post you’ve all… well, perhaps you haven’t been waiting for it, but I’ve been planning it for a long time so it feels like you’ve been waiting for it. 🙂 If that makes any sense.

I’ve been realizing my sad ignorance concerning trails around Paradise – I’ve become so accustomed to traveling to snow-free places to hike, that now that the snow up here has melted and the customers are asking “where does this trail go?” “how long will it take to hike this trail?” I have no answer but “uhhhh… ask the all-knowing rangers!”

By the way our nickname for the rangers is Power Rangers. I thought you should know.

Continuing on: So this Monday I set out to explore the nearby trails. I hiked up to Myrtle Falls (a mere half mile from my dorm!), continued on the Skyline Trail, then traveled down to the Loop Road, continued along the Loop Road until I reached the main road, where I waited until the employee shuttle came by.

Insert Map:

I didn’t even think about how I could have hiked back on that trail that goes straight from Paradise River to Paradise Inn, until I made this map… Oh well. 🙂

So yes, that was my marvelous Monday hike.

But what I really mean to post about, and what the title and first paragraphs refer to, is the wildflowers! They’re not as plentiful this year (from what I’ve heard), but if you keep your eyes open they’re everywhere. I’ve taken pictures of as many different kinds as I can find nearby, here they are:

Supalpine Daisy



I’ve labeled these best I can with my wildflower brochure… click on any photo to see it larger.

Sitka Valarian

Broadleaf Arnica

Rosy Spirea


Alpine Aster

Subalpine Buttercup



You wouldn’t think of flowers as moving objects, but with the wind that day, they were!









Cascade Huckleberry

These beautiful green plants are everywhere!

Break from flowers - it's a marmot!

Myrtle Falls

And back to wildflowers... these are "Pasqueflowers"

Spreading Phlox

Avalanche Lily

Jeffrey Shooting Stars


That’s all the flowers I’ve captured so far, hope you enjoyed my show of my photography skills & Paradise’s beauty. 🙂