On Friday I have my last day of work, and on Saturday I will be packed and out of here! I don’t feel too sad about leaving, I must say, because 1) I have been here for more than 4 months now ;), 2) Most of my friends are already gone, and 3) I am excited for what new things God will bring in the near future. October is rather chock-full of events, including a drive to Boise, a concert, a job interview (and possibly job training), house-sitting, and the Women of Faith conference.  Whew! Where shall I find time for the important things such as Psych and Zoo Tycoon, I ask you? 😉

Looking back it’s amazing to think of how many people I’ve meet and all the different things I’ve done with my new friends – camping, hiking, pouring ice down each other’s shirts ;), games, Bible study, s’mores… it’s been a most excellent summer.

Look at the difference of the Tatoosh Range since May:

May 24th

June 3rd

August 12th

August 12th

 As well as the change in Mt Rainier:

June 3rd

September 5th

September 9th

September 20th - after it snowed again on the summit.

The end has been coming for a while – people have been leaving since the beginning of September, slowly returning to other jobs, home, or school. It’s been rather sad. 😦 My roommate left just this morning. We were lucky to be paired together and had some marvelous, fun times. 🙂

Now my room is empty, like when I first arrived. I started packing tonight (to Christmas music!) and it felt rather good – probably more because I was cleaning a room that had stayed rather messy for more than 4 months. 😉 I’ve wiped down the drawers, vacuumed, and have a final load of clothes in the washer now.

Yes, it is finally the end.

Well I would love to share pictures and memories all day, but the truth is tomorrow (now today) is one of my last days of work, and it is late, and I must get to bed. My memories are in my blog posts, and on my Facebook, and in my camera, and in my diary, and – of course – ingrained in my mind, for me to smile at as I remember the wonderful times I have had with my new friends on the mountain.

More adventures to come!


p.s. And yes, Mom, I realize how late it is, and yes, I am going to bed right now. 🙂