So far today I’ve worked on cleaning my room, as I haven’t had a chance to organize everything since returning from Rainier.

I also took all of my writing notes and put them together in a notebook, labeling the different books and writing notes and writing ideas – finally, I have all of my scribbles and jotted things in one place! Fantastic feeling. Amazing what organization does for your inner writer. 🙂 Except for the knowledge that my plot needs way more work… I kinda feel prepared for this month of madness. 🙂 That feeling when you reach 50K just can’t be beat!

While organizing through my papers I found a few “poems”, here’s one:

Is truth, truth, if you don’t believe in it?

Does the sun exist, if you can’t see, feel, or touch it?

Is the wind real – if your eyes cannot observe it?

If someone is told their entire life that they are ugly, does that make it the truth?

Is it possible – that there is something beyond our senses? That only our heart and soul can detect the whisper of – but we will distrust and refuse to rely on that.

If I could see the face of my Creator, stand and witness the radical act of His love for me, hear His voice groaning as He died, feel His hands – the scarred hands of a dead man again alive – would I believe?

Does God exist, if we don’t believe in Him?