Oh, actually, today’s Halloween, isn’t it? 🙂 Ha ha.

I encourage you to read this article: http://theresurgence.com/2011/10/31/what-christians-should-know-about-halloween

It excellently provides the history of Halloween, and what our response should be as Christians.

As I grew up in a Christian family, I’ve been to Harvest Festivals my whole life, and only went trick-or-treating for the first time 5 years ago (when we were on the bus trip). Once I was old enough to be in junior high, though, I spent Halloween with my youth group. The junior high and high school groups gather, then go out in groups knocking on doors and asking for food donations to the food bank (we don’t mind taking the candy too, thank you! 🙂 ). We have been doing this for years now, so a few people even have the food ready for us at the door.

Then we come back to the church and have a massive sorting party, with cans of green beans and soup rolling everywhere – until everything is stacked, sorted, and loaded into a truck. We collect quite a lot of food – but I’ll always remember what our youth group leader told us – that the food would only last a few days in the food bank.

“Can we do this every day?” we asked. 🙂

I think this event is an excellent way for the teenagers to have something to do on Halloween night, to be challenged and have fun in coming up with imaginative costumes (instead of just grabbing an ugly mask off a store shelf – no creativity in that!!), and to redeem this holiday for something good.

I encourage you, that whatever you do tonight, do it for the glory of God. Whether you choose to collect canned food, or have a dinner with friends, or stay at home praying for those entrapped in evil, or just… have a normal night – may you do it out of a love and desire to please God.

Romans 14

P.S. As for myself, I will be staying up ’til midnight then start on my Nano!! 🙂